About Us

Founded in 2002, the Ismaya Group is a market leader in conceptualizing, developing and operating exclusive yet diverse group of restaurants and bars in the region. Each of the establishments is unique and memorable. Ismaya’s vision is to create a dining and lifestyle experience unique in its intimacy and style, in an environment of comfort where food and service excellence is exceptional and unrivaled.

Ismaya Group currently owns and operates ten exceptional F&B concepts, namely:

  • Blowfish Kitchen & Bar (Jakarta & Surabaya)
  • Dragonfly
  • Social House (Jakarta & Dubai, UAE)
  • Pasta de Waraku
  • Sushigroove (Jakarta & Bandung)
  • Pizza e Birra
  • Mr. Curry
  • Kitchenette
  • Ismaya Catering Co. Café, Office & Gallery
  • Magnum Café (temporary establishment; a project done for Magnum – Unilever)

Other than the F&B concepts, Ismaya Group also has two subsidiary companies:

  • Ismaya Catering Co.: a young yet fast-growing company that takes catering to a new level with exciting food options, stunning presentation, action-filled live cooking stations, and elegant service.
  • Ismaya Live: the live/touring division of Ismaya Group, formed to channel the Group’s passions for promoting exciting live music performances, tailored brand activations, and various event organizing.

Ismaya Group also produces products, which are:

  • CD Projects: Dragonfly Essential Session 01 featuring Rasmus Faber; Dragonfly In The House featuring Simon Dunmore; Dragonfly Junction Bali 2010
  • Memberships: Ismaya Black Card (exclusive and by invitation only); Ismaya Dining (I.D. Card – focusing on dining); Dragonfly Card; and Blowfish Card.

Ismaya and its affiliates continually create original concepts, products, and innovative dining hotspots in major cities across the region. To find out more, please visit www.ismayagroup.com

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